JoyFulNoise 1

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         Joyful Noise 1 This is unlike other albums released by the gospel singer Faith A.PRAIZ. it is an album that incorporate deep words of praises to the living God.

The likes of "I go worship my God, God of miracle, immortal God, He has given me victory"... And other over 120 songs, expressed the depth of praising God. It's the first work ever done in the world by an artist, giving both the artist and the album a quick recognition.

Over 10 million of this album have been sold since its release. The voice of the singer, is widely spread in every homes, office's, events and so on.


JoyFulNoise 1

By: Youngmmann, Movibez, Faith Praiz


Original Release Date

Large, Medium, Small

Release Date 1996
Production & Engineering Movibez | Mixed and Mastered at Movibez Studios
Composition Youngmmann, Movibez, Faith Praiz
Copyright Movibez Inc
Duration 52 mins
Genres Gospel

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