Dtoonz 2

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Dtoonz 2 (The Second Coming) is the Second Album by the Female Group Dtoonz. It is the follow up to their first album. The album contains the song in up-tempo, embodying well inspiring lyrics from the Gospel and brave vocal performances.

The Harmony of two pre-existing entities welcomes the existence of a new entirely different and more powerful 

Entity. With you, we have found that harmony. Without you none of this would be possibleā€ - DTOONZ


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Large, Medium, Small

Release Date 2016
Production & Engineering Puffy T, Youngmmann | Movibez | Mixed and Mastered at Movibez Studios
Composition Youngmmann, Puffy T, JT Praiz, Dtoonz
Copyright Movibez Inc
Duration 55 mins
Genres Gospel

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